Industrial Coatings

BDJ has over two decades of expertise with industrial coatings and production painting. We work directly with coating manufacturers to develop specific coatings and application methods to fulfil the specifications and needs of YOUR product. BDJ has the engineering ability to produce and automated painting system that allows us to coat parts competitively in a high production setting while maintaining the high quality standards demanded by today's manufacturing environment.

BDJ/Techmation has also perfected automated paint lines to reduce costs and save your organization money and are always finding ways to reduce these costs and beat out competitors. We can apply many different coatings as specified by our customers.


  • Production Painting
  • Automated high Volume Lines
  • Wash/Rinse to Suit
  • Multiple Gun Specialized Flexible Set-Ups
  • Multiple Zone Cure Ovens
  • RP Apply
  • Overhead Paint Lines
  • Automated Vision Inspections Systems
  • Water-based or Solvent-based Coatings
  • UV or Zinc Based Coatings
  • Salt spray 48h - 150h
  • Flat Belt Lines
  • And More