Services Overview

With over two decades of experience BDJ has become experts when it comes to providing engineering and operational solutions. We offer a wide array of value-added services and can build to your specification on any job. Because of our numerous services offered, we have become a "one-stop shop" for manufacturers. BDJ can produce your desired parts, bend/fabricate them, paint them, package them and ship them. This allows for a simpler supply chain and cost savings for your organization. If you have any questions or would like more information please follow the links on the left or contact us directly.

Service Parts

Additionally, BDJ/Techmation is the perfect choice for supplying your service parts to customers. We have the necessary storage, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping means to provide value added additions to your products. Because of our diverse capabilities we have become a one-stop shop for our customers and can perform tasks other companies have to outsource!